LED Exterior& Interior Displays

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    ▪ Up to 30 characters ▪ Multiline + multi-colored matrix ▪ Long life cycle The displays can be integrated in almost any type of bus, tram, trolley or train. Automatic brightness adjustment allows optimal readability in all lightning conditions. The displays shows "Vehicle stopped" and "Next stop" alternations on the screen or on the left or right hand side. Capital or small-sized characters; up to 30 characters, decenders, figures, pictograms or scrolling text. Different series interfaces, such as IBIS, RS485 and Ethernet.
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    ▪ 256 different colors ▪ RGB multi- color LED + monochrome LED ▪ No interruption in display‘s raster Allows countless ways to design and present information. The “VISE“ editor software makes it possible to project sharp lines and pictograms in wide spectrum of colors. Grid spacing options from 5 mm to 15 mm and resolutions from 64 up to 16 x 224 pixel. Data transport from other similar function systems is possible. Diverse serial interfaces- IBIS, RS485 and Ethernet are standard.
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    ▪ Lowest power consumption ▪ Efficient ultra-bright LED ▪ Great view angle 130° Exceptionally long-life cycle using energy saving ultra-bright LED and controls with innovative Multiplex-technology. Automatic brightness adaptation provides perfect readability of information in any condition. Support of running text and combination of two monochrome display colors. Easy and fast installation procedure.
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