Buoys Comparative Analysis

General Description

Our Light Buoys are made of high density polyethylene (LLDPE) and are filled with special styrofoam (EPS).
Application of the rotational molding manufacturing method makes our buoys not only environmentally friendly, but also strong and lightweight with sophisticated body protection from hazardous effects of oil, gas, marine organisms, salt and fresh water and exposure to ultraviolet rays.
General information
Materials: All buoys are manufactured using extruded polyethylene with a rotationally molded external shell. The inside is filled with freon-free polystyrene;
Wall thickness: from 5 mm to 18 mm;
Height: from 3000 mm to 7000 mm;
Diameter: from 160 mm to 1000 mm;
Weight: from 40 kg to 250 kg (depending on the model);
Ballast: from 22 kg to 200 kg;
Anchor: from 200 kg to 2000 kg (please refer to ………….).
Light Reflector: standard for all models
Radar Reflector: standard for all models
Life Cycle: up to 10 years
Warranty: 2 years
Quality Certificate: ISO 9001:2000.
Accreditation: all products are officially licensed by the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
Optional Еquipment:
Distant Monitoring System

Buoys Comparative Analysis

Polyethylene Buoys Metal Buoys BMSL-88M
Production material Polyethylene Metal
Body composition One piece construction One piece construction
Height From 3000mm to 7000mm From 1600mm to 6700mm
Diameter From 160mm to 1000mm Up to 1600mm
Wall thickness From 5mm to 18mm Up to 5mm
Weight From 40kg to 250kg 2300kg
Anchor chain diameter 19mm 28mm
Anchor weight From 200kg to 1000kg Up to 2500kg
Height of lantern 3500mm 3500mm
Minimum draft 2500mm 3300mm
Application in deep waters Up to 50 meters Up to 50 meters
Application in shallow waters From 3 meters From 5 meters
Application in currents Up to 6 knots Up to 6 knots
Application in ice conditions Ice thickness up to 1 meter Ice thickness up to 1 meter
Resistance to corrosion Eternal resistance to salt and fresh water Needs regular maintainance
Resistance to ultraviolet Eternal protection from UV Fading of colour
Resistance to oil corrosion Eternal resistance to oil Not protected from oil corrosion
Regularity of dye Never Annually
In case of damaged body Stays floating on water Stays floating on water
Lifecycle Up to 10 years Up to 10 years
Resources for Service, Maintainance and Transport Vessel with crane lifting capasity of 1 tonn Vessel with crane lifting capasity of 3 tonns
CO2 emission during production Minimal High emission of CO2

Our polyethylene buoys are distinguished by their low weight, high density hence strength of the body and long lasting period of exploitation without having to replace due to corrosion or fading of color.
In comparison with metal buoys the polyethylene buoys do not require regular maintainance. The general checking of the buoys is carried out once in 3-5 years to control the state of the anchor chain; other things being equal the polyethylene buoy is not effected by hazardous weather conditions or salt water corrosion.

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