Radio Equipment

Command microphone

  • DSC full control capability
  • DSC “Distress” button on back of unit
  • Full dot-matrix LCD
  • 2W external speaker terminal
  • Intercom function between radio and microphone
  • Waterproof



ICF61M UHF Onboard Transceiver IC-F61M

  • IP67, dust-tight and water-proof construction;
  • Equiped with 5-Tone, CTCSS, DTCS signaling capabilities;
  • 700mW audio output power;
  • 8 minute voice recorder;
  • Priority scan and dual priority scan
  • Optional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-169 (IP57)
  • Built-in audio compander
  • Optional VOX headset available


ICGM1600E Survival Craft 2-Way Radio IC-GM1600E

  • Superior low temperature characteristic Lithium battery pack;
  • Meets MED 96/98/EC, “Wheel mark” requirements;
  • One touch access to Channel 16 and call channel
  • Highly visible yellow colored body
  • Optional VOX headset for on-board use


ICM24 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M24

  • Small and lightweight;
  • Energy-saving 3.7V circuitry;
  • Built-in regular charger circuitry;
  • Dual/Tri-watch functions
  • Auto scan function
  • One-touch access to Ch 16
  • AquaQuake™ draining function
  • Volume loud and mute functions;


ICM36 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M36

  • Floats back to surface if dropped overboard (IPX7, 1m depth for 30 minutes);
  • Dual/Tri-watch functions;
  • 4-step battery life indicator;
  • Auto scan function;
  • Instant access to Ch 16 or Ch 9;


ICM72 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M72

  • High resolution LCD display
  • Auto scan function to start scanning, when receiving no signal for a preset time
  • AquaQuake water draining function ejects water from speaker grill
  • 4-step battery power indicator
  • Dualwatch and Tri-watch functions
  • Auto WX alert function
  • Auto power save
  • Optional headsets plus OPC-1392 offers hands-free (VOX) operation

IC-M87 (ATEX Version)

ICM87 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M87

  • Suitable for use in hazardous areas where flammable gasses or liquids are used;
  • Tough and waterproof;
  • 22programmable channels for PMR;
  • Instant access to Ch. 16 and call channel
  • Simple add/delete TAG scanning
  • 2 step power saver
  • Key lock function
  • Low battery indicator
  • Optional waterproof microphone, HM-138

IC-M88(FM Safe Version)

ICM88 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M88

  • Approved intrinsically safe classifications for the IC-M88 intrinsically safe version;
  • Instant access to Ch.16 and Ch.9
  • Simple add/delete TAG scanning
  • Auto power save
  • Key lock function
  • 4-step battery indicator
  • 22 Programmable channels;



IC718 HF Transceiver IC-718

  • Covers 0.03-29.999999MHz* in SSB, CW, RTTY and AM modes;
  • 101 memory channels;
  • VOX (Voice Operated Transmission)
  • Digital S/RF meter
  • Band stacking register
  • IF shift interference rejection
  • Optional AF DSP capabilities
  • Squelch/RF gain control


ICM700PRO SSB Radio Telephone IC-M700PRO

  • 0.5 to 29.9999MHz wide band general coverage receive;
  • Channel knob allows the user to tune specific frequencies around a memory channel;
  • 2 DIN connectors for external equipment connection-linear amplifier, FSK terminal, e-mail modem, etc.;
  • NMEA 0183 interface included;


ICM801GMDSS MF/HF Marine Transceiver IC-M801GMDSS

  • 0.5–29.999MHz continuous receiver coverage
  • GPS connector
  • Built-in DSC, Class A
  • Connector for PC remote control
  • Large LCD with full dot-matrix characters
  • Digital signal processing
  • Automatic antenna tuner, AT-141


ICM802 HF Marine Transceiver IC-M802

  • Advanced DSP marine radio with compact remote head;
  • Digital signal processor;
  • Built-in ITU Class E DSC;
  • One touch e-mail button (160 e-mail channels);
  • Automatic antenna tuner, AT-140;
  • 0.5 to 29.9999MHz wideband receiver;


JSB196 The JSB-196 SSB Radiotelephone is of extremely compact and lightweight design for easy installation.
JRC advanced Digital Signal Processing technology and high efficiency power amplification have enables this 150W SSB to be the smallest transceiver in its class.


JSS296 The JSS-296/596/896 MF/HF Radio Equipment is completely complied with GMDSS requirements to apply the vessel navigating A2, A3 and A4 sea area. This is an optimum and composite system with not only compact and lightweight design, but superior performance and highly efficient ensuring easy operation for distress and safety calling as well as general communication.


JSS2150 The JSS-2150 is a Class A MF/HF radio equipment.
JSS-2150 can correspond to the TELEX communication of GMDSS requirement by equipping it with NBDP option.



ICGM651 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-GM651

  • Priority/normal scan
  • Dualwatch/Tri-watch functions
  • Instant access to Ch. 16 and call channel
  • 7 level adjustable backlit display and keypad
  • AquaQuake water draining function
  • Built-in ITU Class A DSC
  • PS-250 DC-DC and PS-240 AC-DC power supplies available


ICM411 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M411

  • Keypad backlighting
  • External speaker connection
  • Up to 70 programmable channels (* Appropriate license will be required.)
  • Convenient favorite channel function and “TAG” scanning function
  • Dual watch and Tri-watch functions
  • Low voltage indicator for low battery alert
  • Waterproof;
  • Class D DSC capability;


ICM421 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M421

  • Loud speaker audio
  • Up to 70 programmable channels
    (* Appropriate license will be required.)
  • Standard remote function microphone for channel and transmit power selection
  • Simple and easy tag scanning system
  • Dual watch and Tri-watch functions
  • Low voltage indicator for low battery alert
  • Built-in Class D DSC
  • Black or white colour versions


ICM505 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M505

  • Dual/tri-watch function for monitoring Ch.16 and/or call channel
  • Instant access to Ch. 16 and call channel
  • 7 levels adjustable backlit display and keypad
  • Convenient “TAG” scanning function with simple add/delete
  • Optional voice scrambler, UT-112 for private communication
  • 25W hailer/RX speaker and fog horn capability
  • Waterproof;
  • Black or gray colour versions


ICM603 VHF Marine Transceiver IC-M603

  • Auto fog horn function with four selectable patterns
  • Front and rear panel microphone connection
  • Dual/tri-watch function for monitoring Ch.16 and/or call channel while using another channel
  • Instant access to Ch. 16 and call channel
  • 7 levels adjustable backlit display and keypad
  • 4×8 inch flush mount design
  • Convenient favorite channel function and “TAG” scanning function
  • Optional Voice Scrambler, UT-112 for private communication
  • AquaQuake function
  • RX speaker function

VHF/UHF Radiophone


JHS7 The JHS-7 is a hand-held portable VHF radiotelephone for on-scene, life-saving two-way communication between survival craft, between survival craft and ship, and between ship and rescue boat in accordance with SOLAS convention.


  • Remote Controllable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Connectable to Public Addresser
  • Flush-Mount Type Available
  • Intercom Function with Remote Controller


JHS430 The JHS-430 is a 2 Watt UHF intrinsically safe transceiver designed for on-board, ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore communications in ship operations, loading/unloading, rescue operations and mooring. The JHS-430’s ergonomic design and intrinsically safe structure are engineered to FM standards for use when transporting flammable, dangerous materials by Tanker, LPG carrier, LPG carrier and/or LO carrier.


JHS770 Available as semi-duplex or full-duplex, this class A VHF radiotelephone incorporates advanced modular design that allows for maximum installation flexibility. Direct call by AIS and easy operation with JOG dial, as well as intercom & loudhailer function. All on a 3.8 inch high brightness LCD screen with 120 seconds recording.

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