▪ Intel-Atom-Processor (1,6 GHZ)
▪ Passive cooling
▪ Flash memory options (2-64 GB)

Available in formats 4:3 and 16:10. Many options of information update on display: Ethernet, WLAN connection, separate bustec WLAN solution, GSM, USB port. Available in 15“(4:3), 17“(4:3, 16/10), 19“(16:10) display formats and ultrawide
½ x 38“(17:5) up to 1920 x 502 pixel. Possibility of individual configuration, for example a quadruple systems. Windows XP Embedded works as operating system and the USB-/Ethernet interface provides easy use as well as data update of the system. Optionally available WLAN, GSM, Audio (announcements).

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The date of project completion: 14.05.2014

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