Installation, setting and technical support of «TRANSAS» navigational systems on vessels and boats

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  • ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System)

    STANDARD ECDIS Standard meets all IMO and SOLAS regulations. Advanced technology in a simple package: 
    • 24″ Marine panel computer
    • Transas ES6 Trackball
    • Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS Software
    • Basic ECDIS functions
    STANDARD + A Standard set with the following additional features: 
    • AIS, ARPA and Target Management
    • Additional Sensors
    • Additional Route Planning Functions
    • Additional Chart Formats
    • Tides & Currents
    • Maps (user charts)
    • Navtex Interface
    PREMIUM Premium range utilizes the powerful RS6 marine computer with the latest Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS MFD software and Marine LED Display. Additional standard features include : 
    • Transas ES6 Trackball and Keyboard
    • User Configurations
    • Dual Chart panel
    • Left Side Information Panel
    • Docking Mode
    • Quick Distance Calculator
    • AIS MKD Functionality
    PREMIUM + ECDIS Premium package with unlimited access to the most comprehensive global information, services and support: 
    • Advanced Planning Functions
    • Predictor
    • Curved Headline
    • Rendezvous on the Route
    • e-Log Book
    • Conning Display
    • Check List
    • Voyage Plan
    • True Ship Contour
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  • Information integrator Navi-Conning 3000

    Navi-Conning 3000 is a software and hardware system, which is intended for the processing and recording of parameters supplied via different channels from external sources of information. This system will considerably simplify the work of watch officers by permanently providing valid information on the operation of ship systems.
    • Processing of parameters supplied via different interfaces from external information sources and their presentation on a single screen
    • Reception of information in network in digital and analogue formats
    • Provides base screen views and allows the possibility of custom-made individual screens
    • Extendable measurement unit database
    • Internal Recording functionality
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  • Navi-Radar 4000/chart radar

    Navi-Radar 4000 performs all the functions of radar and ARPA and can overlay electronic charts and AIS targets on a radar picture and is compliant with latest IMO and IEC standards.
    • User friendly, clear and logically structured interface
    • Handles primary radar information
    • Acquires and processes ARPA tasks (up to 256 targets)
    • Displays AIS target on the radar display and targets parameters output on the information panel
    • Official ENC/S-57 and Transas ТХ-97 format electronic vector charts overlay features assist safe and convenient navigation
    • Displays routes loaded from external systems’ ECDIS/positioning system
    • Associates AIS targets with ARPA targets
    • Can connect up to 2 GPS, 2 GYRO and 2 LOG+1 DLOG
    • Configuration of 2 Radar stations with SW scanner interswitch and provides ability to change rights of navigational Master (station with rights for navdata sources)
    • Displays information from 2 targets for data comparison
    • Fine adjustment of brilliance and contrast for perfect radar picture tuning
    • Flexible in both configuration and chart functionality
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  • Navi-Radar 3000-I

    Designed in accordance with IMO and IEC standards, Navi-Radar 3000-I performs all functions of a radar, ARPA and provides an overlay of electronic charts and AIS targets over the radar image. Navi-Radar also has the ability to integrate with other navigation products of Transas (Navi-Sailor, Navi-Conning).
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  • Electronic chart display and information system MFD Navi-Sailor 4000

    Multifunctional display Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS consists of a certified ECDIS, certified radar and also conning display (optional). ECDIS MFD Navi-Sailor 4000 is a flexible solution targeted to meet the requirements for mandatory availability of ECDIS on-board a modern vessel.
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