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    LightHouse Control is a multifunctional software product developed to monitor the condition (appropriate for  lighthouse lanterns) and location (appropriate for floating buoys and their lanterns) of navigational equipment. LightHouse Control consists of:
    • Electronic mapping system;
    • Real-time GSM module operation and low-orbit satellite communication systems NKCC and УКВ;
    • GPS modul (accuracy range up to 5 meters);
    • Tools for working with database of messages outcoming from sensors or lanterns СНО;
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    When connected together these components create a system of distant monitoring, which processes the following data and forwards it to the main control room.
    • Technical condition of the lantern;
    • Power supply status (an alarm will be activated in case the power supply drops more than 30% or if it falls below the assigned critical level);
    • Communication module status, time of the last communication session;
    • Information from additional sensors (impact sensor comes as standard equipment);
    • Coordinates of the current location and distance from the initially assigned location;
    • Allows viewing of previous data based on selected parameters and time period.
      LightHouse Control allows the user to form and configure user-defined chart collections, to create customized layers on the charts, to adjust the frequency of positioning check (by default this information is updated every 30 minutes), to set the radius of marginal drift from the original location, to forward messages from the navigational objects via SMS or E-mail. Screen_shot_2011-01-04_at_15.04.34
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