Navi-Radar 4000/chart radar

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  • Navi-Radar 4000/chart radar

    Navi-Radar 4000 performs all the functions of radar and ARPA and can overlay electronic charts and AIS targets on a radar picture and is compliant with latest IMO and IEC standards.
    • User friendly, clear and logically structured interface
    • Handles primary radar information
    • Acquires and processes ARPA tasks (up to 256 targets)
    • Displays AIS target on the radar display and targets parameters output on the information panel
    • Official ENC/S-57 and Transas ТХ-97 format electronic vector charts overlay features assist safe and convenient navigation
    • Displays routes loaded from external systems’ ECDIS/positioning system
    • Associates AIS targets with ARPA targets
    • Can connect up to 2 GPS, 2 GYRO and 2 LOG+1 DLOG
    • Configuration of 2 Radar stations with SW scanner interswitch and provides ability to change rights of navigational Master (station with rights for navdata sources)
    • Displays information from 2 targets for data comparison
    • Fine adjustment of brilliance and contrast for perfect radar picture tuning
    • Flexible in both configuration and chart functionality
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