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    Radar 100S6


    The Radar 100S6 has a rich mix of processing capabilities all layered together to provide multiple functions:

    • Multiple Target Tracking;
    • AIS overlay;
    • Radar recording;
    • Fusion of multiple radars data
    Sigma S6 Ice Navigator

    The Ice Navigator provides imaging of sea ice conditions. The displayed details allow:

    • Enable the ship to avoid difficult and dangerous areas
    • Optimize routing through icy water
    • Reduce fuel consumption and voyage time
    • Protect the vessel from hull damage
    Sigma S6 Oil Spill Management System
    oil_spill_detection The Oil Spill Management System allow to quickly detect oil spills with remarkable clarity and effectiveness as even small quantities of oil at far distances can be identified in extreme weather conditions and during fast currents.

    The system provides:

    • Spill outlines, dimensions and area calculation features;
    • Storage of up to 10 days of key data;
    • AIS target and chart overlay possibility;
    Sigma S6 Radar Processor
    RadarProcessor Sigma S6 is a Windows based hardware and software product that processes and distributes radar video and track data. With its multi layered processing Sigma S6 strips out weather and other forms of clutter that can constrain conventional radar and also enhances the radar’s ability to track very small targets and multiple objects moving at different speeds.

    Superior target detection and tracking capabilities make Sigma S6 a ideal for:

    • Harbour Security
    • Coastal Surveillance
    • Interdiction
    • Vessel traffic system
    • Shore-based search and rescue
    Sigma S6 Radar Recorder

    Digital Data Recorder

      Sigma S6 Surveillance
    surveillance A complete tracking station with multiple sensors for enhanced detection and monitoring.

    The system provides:

    • Recording of Data;
    • Flexible system configuration;
    • Send and receive of messages using AIS technology;
    • Integrated ECS charting and functionality
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