Harbours development

Our scope of services is divided into two principle segments: construction works and development of turn-key navigation equipment projects for harbours. This also includes:

  • Surveying and hydrographic service in port and approaches
  • Drafting of the navigation equipment project
  • Installation and maintenance of navigation equipment
  • Inspection and repair of port hydraulic structures (above and under water).
  • Design and installation of automation and monitoring systems

Examples of carried out constructions works:

Temporary pier construction for boats and pleasure crafts at the Keri island of Estonia together with access path and laying of granite stones
Length: 25 meters; Depth: 2,5 meters; Additional access path: 70 meters.

Reconstruction of pier nr. 4 of the Tallinna Bekkeri Harbour, which included manufacturing and installation of concrete tiles, dredging and underwater concreting. Total volume was equal to 170 linear meters.

Reconstruction of pier nr. 4 of the Tallinna Bekkeri Harbour

Renovation of the Aegna island pier, which included concrete works and repair and installation of fenders.

Examples of project development, equipment supply, equipment installation and maintenance in the following harbours: